I am an empathic therapist with over twenty-five years experience helping music industry professionals and others find more contentment and satisfaction in their lives.

In my prior position as Senior Director at MusiCares Foundation, I assisted countless musicians and other artists in finding ways to manage the psychological, social and financial pressures of the touring and performing life.  I am intimately familiar with the seductive pull of drugs and alcohol in the creative process, and can assist clients in developing healthy ways to cope with the stresses of the performing life.  I am committed to providing a safe space within which clients can explore patterns of behavior, thinking and living which inhibit free expression, and therefore stifle creativity.  I also believe that spiritual, physical and emotional wellness are interlinked, and must all be addressed if one is to become as creative as one can be.

Finally, I believe that the Beatles are God.


Contact me and let me help you live a more balanced and creative life.